Humble Games will release a sequel to the co op stealth

Humble Games will release a sequel to the co-op stealth action game Monaco

Publisher Humble Games and Studio Pocketwatch Games announced Monaco 2 is the sequel to the cooperative stealth action game Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine from the same developers.

Image Credit: Humble Games

Image Credit: Humble Games

Like the previous part, Monaco 2 will offer to think about and organize joint heists, but this time players will have to choose from a new group of trained thieves and masters of infiltration.

According to the developers, the sequel will differ from Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine with more emphasis on the verticality of the gameplay, three-dimensional graphics and procedural level generation (so that players can think on the go).

“We can’t tell you all the details yet. We are sure you understand. But if the plan does materialize, you might be among the first to know. Well… who’s in? – read the description of Monaco 2 on the Humble Games website.

Monaco 2 is only confirmed for PC so far (steam) and doesn’t even have an approximate release date. Production is in its early stages, but Pocketwatch Games featured gameplay developments in its first vlog about the project.


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