Humane had to correct the video about the smartphone replacement

Humane had to correct the video about the smartphone replacement AI Pin – in it ChatGPT gave the wrong answer again

Startup Humane, which announced the futuristic AI Pin Communicator last week, had to replace the device’s demo video on its website. The gadget runs on the ChatGPT artificial intelligence platform, which, for all its extensive capabilities, sometimes produces misinformation. This happened this time too.

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Humane positions the AI ​​Pin as a smartphone replacement. The device does not have a screen, instead there is a voice interface based on ChatGPT. The demo video shows how to use the device for phone calls, real-time translation and music playback. But even the demonstration showed the imperfection of the device – in the official video, AI Pin gave two wrong answers.

First, the device was asked when the next solar eclipse would take place and where was the best place to observe it. He replied that the event would take place on April 8, 2024 and that was true. However, according to AI Pin, you will have to travel to Australia and East Timor to view it, although in reality the eclipse will only be visible in Central and North America. In the second episode, AI Pin was shown a handful of almonds and asked how much protein they contained. There were about 12 seeds in the frame that actually contain 3 grams of protein, but the gadget replies that this amount contains 15 grams of protein – the same amount as half a jar of almonds.

The incident somewhat embarrassed the startup’s management, which was trying to sell its first device, and the errors were blamed on this “Pre-release software”with which the demo video was created. “In the first case, an error occurred in which the observation location of the previous (rather than the upcoming) solar eclipse was incorrectly specified. In the second, we asked for the amount of protein per half cup of almonds, not the volume on Imran’s hand.”said Sam Sheffer, director of new media at Humane. So far, the video has been edited on the manufacturer’s website.

This incident once again confirms that AI assistants are not always reliable: they do not cite sources when providing answers and sometimes misinform users. “Our AI architecture is constantly evolving and we will regularly release over-the-air updates to improve the customer experience within our subscription.”, added Schäffer. Sales of the Humane AI Pin begin today: the device costs $699 plus $24 per month for cellular communications and access to the AI ​​platform.


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