Huawei will continue to support Android apps for global devices

Huawei will continue to support Android apps for global devices even after the release of HarmonyOS NEXT

Huawei introduced the HarmonyOS NEXT mobile operating system at the HDC Developer Conference (Huawei Developer Conference 2023) earlier this year. Its main feature was the complete refusal to support APK installation files used in Android, which caused concern among Huawei users. Now the company has reassured users: support for Android applications remains in the global versions of smartphones.

Huawei CEO Richard Yu announced about a week ago that the new Huawei platform was ready for distribution to end users. True, this raised the question among owners of Huawei devices around the world about how to install third-party applications, since the new platform does not support APK files of the Android ecosystem.

The company issued a clarification that Huawei devices shipped to the global market will continue to use EMUI, an analogue of HarmonyOS, based on the open source Android project, but without Google services and applications. Huawei will continue to support its own Android apps. So support for APK installation files remains. However, it is unknown whether support for proprietary HAM installation files will appear in EMUI.

According to the operator China Mobile Huawei “will continue to expand support for developers around the world”. Currently, a large community of application developers is working to ensure that every Android application runs on the company’s EMUI smartphones. reported that it has received official confirmation from Huawei that the company will continue to use Emotion UI (EMUI) for devices shipped to the global market until it is absolutely certain that customers are ready to make the transition Accept HarmonyOS.

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