Huawei Honor and Vivo smartphones began to mark the Google

Huawei, Honor and Vivo smartphones began to mark the Google application as a virus and offer to remove it

Smartphones and tablet computers Huaweihonor and Vivo started showing users warnings about the “security threat” that the Google application supposedly poses. It is recommended to remove it because it is infected with TrojanSMS-PA malware.

When users click the View Details button in an alert, the system reports the following: “This app has been found to secretly send SMS messages, force users to pay for adult content, secretly download/install apps, or steal personal information, which may result in loss of ownership and leakage of personal information.”. Therefore, users are advised to uninstall this application.

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Google has already responded to the incident. “This security alert was not caused by Google Play Protect and appears to have occurred on devices that are not Play Protect certified and do not have access to download apps from Google Play. For further information, we recommend contacting the device manufacturer. Google Play is the only store where you can officially download Google’s top Android apps. All Google apps go through the same rigorous review process as all other apps on Google Play. These checks are designed to ensure apps are safe and meet Google’s quality standards.”– Quotes BleepingComputer Statement from a company representative.

On Huawei devices, the bug affected models on which Google applications were officially present, i.e. devices that were released before the sanctions imposed on the company. The Huawei Optimizer application displays threat alerts. The source of the alerts on Vivo and Honor phones is still unknown. A recommended way to disable these supposedly false alerts is to clear the cache and all data from the Huawei Optimizer app in the device settings. If this does not help, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the application. There have been no official comments from Chinese manufacturers yet.


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