Huawei Founder Calls for Stronger Adoption of 6G Communication Technologies and Poaching of Experts

Earlier last month, Huawei Technologies founder Ren Zhengfei urged at a meeting of the company’s in-house developers not to hesitate to develop 6G communication technologies and promised to more actively attract talent to the global labor market. This will be done at the expense of more competitive offers on the level of salaries.

Image source: AFP / Jiji

Image source: AFP / Jiji

As noted Nikkei Asian Review, the appeal to Huawei employees was not without sad moments. The founder of the company was forced to admit that the once largest smartphone manufacturer in the world is no longer able to acquire the most advanced components for mobile devices as a result of US sanctions. However, this does not mean that Huawei will abandon its ambitions in the smartphone market. Already, according to the founder, the company has moved on to acquiring “suitable components” to create quality products, and this has improved the business profitability.

Having lost access to advanced lithography technology and TSMC’s pipeline, HiSilicon Technologies will not stop developing semiconductor components, Zhengfei said. He metaphorically compared the chip developers with the conquerors of the Himalayas, and the bulk of the staff with the peasants, “Growing potatoes and raising sheep at the foot of the mountains to provide a steady stream of food ascending.”

“Now our company is in a critical period of strategic development and survival, so we need talent, because we are focused on moving forward,” – said the founder of Huawei. In order to attract the right talent around the world, the company will have to rethink its unified tariff scale and offer salaries in each of the regional markets that will encourage experienced talent to move to Huawei.

At the same time, Ren Zhengfei called for accelerating the development of technologies used in the next generation of communication networks: “Our developments in the field of 6G is preparation for a stormy day, and we need to take the place with patents. No need to wait until nets 6G will become viable as the expectation will impose a constraint on further development due to the lack of patents “… We add that Huawei owns a significant part of the patents that formed the basis of 5G communication standards. Obviously, the founder of the company wants to form a worthy foundation in the event of a transition to the next generation communication standards.

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