Hordes of enemies a mutated dog and pouring rain 12

Hordes of enemies, a mutated dog and pouring rain: 12 minutes of remake gameplay of Resident Evil 4 released

Portal Game Informer as part of a month of exclusive premieres for Resident Evil 4 Remake introduced 12 minutes gameplay video forthcoming reimagining of Capcom’s iconic action game.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

Recall that in the story, former Raccoon City police officer Leon Kennedy travels to upstate Europe to find Ashley, the kidnapped daughter of the President of the United States. The Game Informer video showed excerpts from the fifth chapter.

They featured Leon and Ashley escaping the church, defending the house with Louis, fighting various enemies (including a bull-headed Ganado and a mutant dog), parrying and finishing mechanics with a knife, interacting with a vendor, side quests, and updated inventory .

Game Informer clarified that the released footage of the gameplay was broadcast by Capcom itself, noting that the intensity of heavy rain in the game is too high – maybe intentionally, but it affects visibility.

Resident Evil 4 Remake will be out on March 24th on PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and S. Previously, Game Informer shared the details of the updated version as part of an exclusive text material.

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