Honor will not develop its own mobile processors like Huawei

Honor will not develop its own mobile processors like Huawei, but will produce auxiliary chips

The debut of the new Huawei Mate 60 series smartphones had a very politicized undertone, as they included a 7nm HiSilicon Kirin 9000S mobile processor of its own design, the production of which the company somehow started under sanctions. The Honor brand, which separated from Huawei because of this, is only willing to develop its own chips when it comes to some auxiliary components.

    Image source: Honor

Image source: Honor

This can be judged by the statements made by Honor CEO George Zhao Ming, to which the publication refers South China morning post. In his opinion, MediaTek and Qualcomm supply the company with completely modern and self-sufficient mobile processors, so there is simply no point in spending resources on developing your own processors. At the same time, Honor does not refuse to develop auxiliary chips itself.

For example, the C1 chip introduced in Honor Magic5 series smartphones in March was used to improve communication quality in 5G networks and was developed independently by the company. “We will not develop our own systems on a chip (SoC). Cooperation Honor with MediaTek and Qualcomm gives us access to the best chips on the market.”“, explained a representative of the smartphone manufacturer. Through long-term collaboration with these chip developers, we can count on optimizing their platforms to meet Honor’s needs, as the company boss explains.

Honor’s component development unit in Shanghai, founded in May this year, recently raised capital, sparking rumors that the company plans to independently develop mobile processors for its smartphones. The manufacturer has five such divisions across China, some of which develop software, data transmission technologies and image processing. The Honor brand will no longer return under Huawei’s wing, as Huawei’s boss noted, and now they see each other as competitors.

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