Honda to use Android Automotive operating system in vehicles from 2022

It looks like Google has managed to attract another large client to cooperate. It is reported that from 2022, cars of the Japanese brand Honda will be equipped with Android Automotive software.

Android Automotive is significantly different from Android Auto. The latter is a system that is created on the basis of a paired smartphone. Android Automotive, in turn, is a complete stand-alone foundation for infotainment systems. A Honda spokesman said the partnership with Google will help bring in-demand features such as Google Assistant, Google Maps and a number of other useful apps available on the Google Play store in the company’s cars.

The first Honda vehicles with Android Automotive are reported to hit the market next year. However, the company has not yet announced which models will receive this operating system in the first place. So far, only Polestar 2 and Volvo XC40 Recharge are equipped with the new Google OS, but the search giant has already signed contracts with a number of other major representatives of the automotive market, including Ford and General Motors.


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