Historical Mode Coming To A Total War Saga: Troy With A Free Patch And Offering A Noticeably Tweaked Balance

Recently, Creative Assembly and Sega published a trailer for the Mythos expansion for A Total War Saga: Troy. In the video, the developers told about three campaigns that will appear after the release of the addon. One of them – historical – is being implemented as part of a free update along with the upcoming DLC. It will be marked by significant changes compared to the standard playthrough.

Image source: PCGamesN

Image source: PCGamesN

The campaign, which was originally implemented in A Total War Saga: Troy, is called “The Truth Behind Myths.” It contains light elements of fantasy: the warriors in individual units have increased strength and slightly resemble legendary monsters, and the heroes can turn the outcome of the battle with their skills. These items will change in historical mode. Too strong skills will be removed, the parameters of some units will be reduced, and the heroes will acquire their own detachments of bodyguards.

Developer Comment on Changes to a More Realistic Campaign reads: “In terms of abilities, it was a process of deciding which ones should be kept as abilities for large squads, and which ones are simply too fantastic to be historically accurate. This has affected the heroes of each faction and, in fact, means a complete rebalancing of all our powerful units for use in historical mode. “

The Mythos expansion pack for A Total War Saga: Troy goes on sale on September 2. On the same day, the strategy will be released on Steam and will receive a free update with a historical mode.

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