Hideo Kojimas PT recreated in Halo Infinite creative mode

Hideo Kojima’s PT recreated in Halo Infinite creative mode

Halo Infinite co-op testers recently gained access to Forge Creative, where you can create your own levels, modes, and more. And first of all, one of the players collected a copy of Hideo Kojima’s PT in the forge.

    Image Source: YouTube (Templars of Death)

Image Source: YouTube (Templars of Death)

According to Death Templer, the level was made for practice. The only intention was to get as close to PT visually as possible with the Forge toolbox. This level can be played without seeing the gun in hand.

The condition of the forge still leaves a lot to be desired. The game may crash unexpectedly even 10 seconds after starting a level. In addition, the creator of this version of PT said that currently the Forge does not allow you to save maps, so sharing them will not work. Nevertheless, he will try to replicate the project after the official release of Forge – visually and functionally. Including screamers.

The full launch of Forge is slated for Season 3 of Halo Infinite, which begins this August. The game itself has been released on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, and its multiplayer mode is available as shareware.

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