Hideo Kojima’s game with Mads Mikkelsen could have been about cop partners

In early September, famed game designer Hideo Kojima talked about the idea for a game called MADS MAX, starring Mads Mikkelsen. The actor laughed when he heard the proposal in person, because he thought Hideo was joking. Users felt that it was a post-apocalyptic game, because the name clearly played on the Mad Max franchise. It turned out the idea was completely different.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Kojima said that MADS MAX would have nothing to do with Mad Max, and the events would unfold in the future, where the main characters were fellow cops. Attentive social media readers of a game designer noticedthat Kojima most likely wanted to rework his 1994 Japanese game Policenauts.

Source: Konami

Source: Konami

As a result, Mikkelsen played Cliff in Death Stranding, and Kojima has always seen him in this role. Famous developer added, which considers the creator of “Mad Max” George Miller (George Miller) “his god.”

Now Kojima Productions is preparing for the release of Death Stranding Director’s Cut, which will go on sale on September 24 on PS5. The game will receive support for DualSense features, 3D sound, faster downloads and two modes of operation: full 4K and upscaled. A trailer from Kojima himself will be released on September 8th.

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