Hideo Kojima could have created a detective project similar to

Hideo Kojima could have created a detective project similar to The Boys

Hideo Kojima, game designer of Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding said tweeted that he had considered the idea for a project for a long time but had to postpone it due to similarities with Amazon series The Boys. Conceptually, the protagonist was a detective fighting superheroes.

    The young.  Image source: Amazon

The young. Image source: Amazon

It’s unclear if this was a game project or if Kojima had another format in mind – Kojima Productions wants to evolve into a multimedia studio that makes both games and films. What is certain, however, is that Hideo Mads wanted Mikkelsen to play the leading role.

Hideo Kojima is currently working on the recently announced cloud project for Xbox. According to insider Tom Henderson, this is Overdose, a horror game starring Death Stranding’s Margaret Qualley that was revealed earlier this month.

Kojima himself has hinted at the evolution of the horror since Death Stranding’s release in November 2019. He said he’s looking at horror films in preparation for a future project, and in April 2020 he said he’d like to make a “revolutionary” horror game one day.

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