Haunted multiplayer action Midnight Ghost Hunt launches in Early Access

Haunted multiplayer action Midnight Ghost Hunt launches in Early Access on March 31st

Developers at Vaulted Sky Games, along with Coffee Stain Publishing, will be releasing the Midnight Ghost Hunt action in Steam Early Access, which the authors themselves name “Multiplayer Hide and Seek”.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

In each Midnight Ghost Hunt match, two teams of four (hunters and ghosts) compete against each other. Hunters catch the ghosts while the latter have to hide and resort to various tricks. For example, to move into different objects. Right at midnight game time, ghosts gain strength and turn into hunters themselves.

In Midnight Ghost Hunt it is important for the player to always stay in the team and coordinate with its members to achieve victory. It is also highly recommended to give allies tips on enemies and level up each other’s skills to outsmart the enemy.

“Of course, ghosts are not subject to the laws and limitations of our reality. Unleash your supernatural powers including invisibility, the ability to levitate furniture and summon dangerous spooky miasma. Ghosts can even pose as hunter lookalikes and hide in plain sight!” – this is how the developers themselves describe the abilities of ghosts.

Midnight Ghost Hunt Early Access starts March 31st steam. The game’s closed beta testing is scheduled to take place from March 28th to 31st.

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