Harry Potter is finally available at Hogwarts Legacy

Harry Potter is finally available at Hogwarts Legacy

portal DSOGaming notes that Harry Potter fans can finally play for the boy who survived in the fantasy role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy, based on the books by Joanne Rowling (Joanne Rowling).

    Image Credit: Steam (Kaeltas)

Image Credit: Steam (Kaeltas)

Modder Chris Rubino (Chris Rubino) moved to Hogwarts Legacy under the alias Crubino classic Harry Potter model from an older game based on the franchise, along with a broom”Nimbus-2000“.

As Crubino points out, due to the nature of the harbor, Harry Potter’s facial animation doesn’t work in Hogwarts Legacy. In theory, a modder can fix this, but creating character animations will take some time.

Harry Potter has been added to Hogwarts Legacy Crubino, replacing the fourth male character in the editor. Users can only change the hairstyle (not all options suit the hero equally).

Hogwarts Legacy was released on February 10th on PC (Steam, EGS), PS5, Xbox Series X and S. The game will be released on April 4th on PS4 and Xbox One and on July 25th on Nintendo Switch. The events took place in the 1890s, while the Harry Potter story took place at the very end of the 20th century.

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