Hardcore Diablo IV players use their extensive knowledge of mechanics

Hardcore Diablo IV players use their extensive knowledge of mechanics and bugs to deal billions and even untold millions of damage with a single hit.

While some players in Diablo IV hide their treasures in Blizzard’s bottomless chest, others strive for unimaginable levels of damage. They have already had some success in this area.

    Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

As recently as July 7th, streamer Moxsy recorded the highest recorded damage per hit in Diablo IV – almost 958 million units. In the same week, the blogger blocked his own success – 1.8 billion.

Enthusiasts have already passed this peak: Streamer Boiler has managed to break the mark 2 billion damageand the player going by the alias SquishyWarrior943 seems to have put the rest of the contenders to shame with his punch 4.9 billion.

    Image source: Forbes

Image source: Forbes

These astronomical values, which the lion’s share of the Diablo IV community would never have dreamed of, are achieved through the druid’s competent selection of equipment and skills (critical damage increases by more than 1000%).

According to Moxsy, the quest for maximum damage in Diablo IV has only just begun: In the right circumstances, the streamer believes, players will be able to deal 100 billion damage per hit in the future.

Moxsy’s plan was already put into action and even surpassed by multiples by streamer Rob2628 who thanks to a bug with the legendary aspects of the barbarian (at 6:31) hit the immortal version (also a bug) of the monster Almunn at 35 undecillion ( !) Units.

To be precise, the specific damage dealt by Rob2628 was 35,248,198,783,801,730,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. To be honest, the community will probably never reach that size.

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