Hard drive shipments down 35 in Q1

Hard drive shipments down 35% in Q1

The drop in demand for computer components and the drop in solid state drive prices could only affect the hard drive market and the Trendfocus statistics published by the resource Tom’s hardware, allows us to assess the quantitative manifestations of this trend. In the first quarter, overall hard drive shipments were down 35% and overall server shipments were down 54.3%.

    Image Credit: Seagate Technology

Image Credit: Seagate Technology

Since the main revenue of manufacturers in recent years has come from the sale of high-capacity hard disks for server infrastructure, the latter circumstance does not characterize the market situation exactly optimistically. Only 10.2 million server hard drives were sold last quarter, compared to 18.8 million units a year earlier. In terms of capacity, the reduction reached 36% and was reflected in the shipment of hard drives totaling 157 exabytes.

In the PC and consumer electronics segment, the number of hard drives shipped fell by 28% to 22.5 million units, previously (-24%). Finally, in the 2.5-inch size, taking into account the consumer electronics segment, shipments were reduced by a third to 10 million hard drives.

Seagate remains the market leader in terms of the number of hard drives shipped, its share ranging between 44.4 and 44.8% in the first quarter, Western Digital Corporation is in second place with a 36.4% share and Toshiba occupies no more than 18. 8% and third place. WDC is believed to have reduced its hard drive shipments the most in the first quarter and Seagate to have come away with the least damage.

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