Halo takes another hit when the longtime franchise director leaves

Halo takes another hit when the longtime franchise director leaves Microsoft

Microsoft and 343 Industries’ Halo sci-fi shooter franchise has seen an exodus of key developers lately, and it looks like another veteran of the series has joined the list.

    Image Credit: Steam (Karma)

Image Credit: Steam (Karma)

We’re talking about the director of the Halo franchise Frank O’Connor (Frank O’Connor). As noted by the portal Windows headquartersRecently, the specialist on the professional social network LinkedIn indicated that he left his position.

O’Connor has been with Microsoft for the last 19 years since December 2003, but in April 2023 that chapter of his life came to an end, according to LinkedIn. Elsewhere, he has served as the creative lead for the franchise since March 2023.

    O'Connor (Image source: Halo Waypoint)

O’Connor (Image source: Halo Waypoint)

O’Connor joined the Halo series in 2004. He was a writer and community manager at Bungie before it split from Microsoft to form Destiny and then moved to 343 Industries, which was founded by Halo.

Neither Microsoft nor O’Connor himself have commented on the situation. If the information is confirmed, the specialist’s departure is the latest in a series of losses for the Halo team of high-ranking personnel.

    Image source: Xbox

Image source: Xbox

In 2022, multiplayer creative lead Tom French, art director Nicolas Bouvier, 343 Industries founder Bonnie Ross and most recently creative director Joseph Staten left the team.

Additionally, the massive (roughly 10,000 employees) wave of layoffs that swept Microsoft in early 2023 also affected 343 Industries. The studio received “wipe” and parted ways with 60 employees, according to unconfirmed reports.

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