Halo and Destiny composer accused of contempt of court in lawsuit with Bungie

Former Bungie composer Marty O’Donnell recognized guilty of contempt of court. He was obliged to remove his early sketches and drafts of the Music of the Spheres symphony, which became the basis for Destiny’s music, and stop distributing it. However, the composer ignored this prohibition.

Source: Bungie

Source: Bungie

The contempt suit relates to the terms of the lawsuit between Bungie and O’Donnell. As part of a 2015 injunction, he was obliged to return all materials related to Music of the Spheres, as well as stop performing or distributing it. However, in 2019, O’Donnell began posting videos and other content related to Music of the Spheres on his YouTube channel and Bandcamp.

“Mr. O’Donnell’s very possession of such material proves that he has failed to comply with an order to return ‘all material’ to Bungie.”, – the Eurogamer portal transfers the words to Bungie. The composer is now obliged to return to Bungie all proceeds from the sale of Music of the Spheres. He also has to pay compensation for legal costs – the exact amount is not specified (the studio asked for $ 100 thousand).

Bungie continues to prohibit a musician from uploading music related to Music of the Spheres. Also, O’Donnell is obliged to contact those who downloaded the tracks with a request to remove the copies and not distribute them further. The composer must agree with Bungie and publish another separate additional appeal on all social networks. It will indicate that O’Donnell was not authorized to publish these materials.

Source: Wikimedia

Source: Wikimedia

In June 2021, the musician asked listeners to buy the soundtrack for the game Golem to help him pay legal bills. At the same time, O’Donnell announced that he could leave the gaming industry. The composer is currently working with Highwire Games on the shooter Six Days in Fallujah.

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