Hackers have released part of the GTA V source code

Hackers have released part of the GTA V source code – the leak could be useful for modders

portal DSOGaming noted that a repository containing allegedly part of the stolen source code for the open-world action movie Grand Theft Auto V by Rockstar Games briefly surfaced on the GitHub page.

    Image Credit: Rockstar Games

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

Recall that GTAForums user teapotuberhacker, who published an archive of a hundred gameplay videos of the GTA VI trial version, arguedwhich, among other things, can also integrate the source code of GTA V.

Shortly after the release, a repository with part of the Grand Theft Auto V source code was published on GitHub clogged in connection with a Copyright Infringement Complaint (DMCA) indirectly confirming the feasibility of the leak.

    Image Source: Reddit (flexbrimg5)

Image source: Reddit (flexbrimg5)

According to the analysis of the administration of the portal for modders liberty citythe leak contained a detailed description of how GTA Online Anti-Cheat works, the processes of in-game money transactions and addresses of native functions.

In addition, Liberty City editors found in the published files a description of the ambient sound systems, AI for NPCs and objects, instructions on how to work with the camera, cutscenes, vehicles, weapons, game physics and more “many other things”.

    Image source: Liberty City

Image source: Liberty City

Modder Cowboy69 commented to Liberty City that the leak could be useful for modding, while according to a cheat modder the released source year is of little use.

In a statement regarding the leak of GTA VI gameplay videos, Rockstar Games developers said they were a victim “Invasion of [внутреннюю] Network”However, they said nothing about stealing the GTA V source code or part of it.

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