Hacker says he stole $ 610 million worth of cryptocurrency “for fun”

The anonymous hacker behind the largest ever cryptocurrency theft from the Poly Network platform, which allows combining multiple cryptocurrencies, said he did it for fun.

Chesnot / Getty Images

Chesnot / Getty Images

“When I noticed vulnerability, I had a mixed feeling, – he said in the Q&A section, built into the description of the transaction, returned to him by the cryptocurrency. – Ask yourself what you would do if faced with such great luck. Politely ask the project team so they can fix this? Anyone can be a traitor with one billion! “

On Tuesday this week, a hacker exploited a vulnerability in the code of the Poly Network platform to steal cryptocurrency. According to researchers of the blockchain security company SlowMist, as a result of the attack, the Poly Network lost more than $ 610 million. After that, the Poly Network management asked the attacker to return the money, to which he expressed his willingness to do so.

As of August 12, the platform already returned cryptocurrency funds in the amount of $ 342 million, including Ethereum for $ 4.6 million, BSC for $ 252 million and Polygon for $ 85 million.Whether the rest of the Ethereum cryptocurrency in the amount of $ 268 million will be returned is still unknown.

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