Hacker leaked Twitch source and payout details to popular streamers

The source code of the Twitch streaming platform and its official documents have appeared on the Web. VGC portal confirmedthat the hacker posted a torrent link to the stolen data publicly on 4chan.

Source: The Verge

Source: The Verge

In the materials with a total volume of 125 GB, they found the source code of Twitch, the SDK and AWS services of the platform, internal admin tools and files associated with the Amazon Vapor game store.

The docs also were found pay tables for popular Twitch streamers. According to the leaked data, they have received millions of dollars in broadcast over the past two years. For example, CriticalRole paid $ 9.6 million, xQc – $ 8.4 million, and summit1g – more than $ 5 million.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The author of the post on 4chan stated that he leaked this data in order to increase competition between streaming platforms. He named the Twitch community “Toxic disgusting trash heap” and added that he has even more files and information.

The Twitch administration did not comment on the leak.


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