Hacker hacked thousands of Solana wallets and stole 8 million

Hacker hacked thousands of Solana wallets and stole $8 million worth of cryptocurrencies – vulnerability still not found

Reports of wallet hacks and money theft were pouring in from Solana cryptocurrency owners. The reason for this is assumed to be a certain weakness in the blockchain whose users remain unknown. About 7.7 thousand wallets were affected, as well as services related to the Slope and Phantom cryptocurrency networks.

    Image source: Gerd Altmann / pixabay.com

Image source: Gerd Altmann / pixabay.com

“Engineers are currently working with security researchers and ecosystem teams to identify the root cause of the exploit, which is currently unknown.”posted a message from the account Solana status. The root of the problem has not yet been discovered, but blockchain users are advised to take a number of measures to protect against hacking. In particular, users are advised to transfer all cryptocurrency assets to hardware wallets that offer more serious protection. It is recommended to consider hacked wallets as compromised and stop using them.

Solana engineers are also trying to identify the cause of the problem by surveying the owners of hacked wallets – it’s possible that the answers to some questions will help to find a blockchain vulnerability. The Phantom Service launched its own investigation, which attracted a number of other participants in the Solana ecosystem. According to cybersecurity experts PeckShieldTo date, the amount of losses from the incident amounted to $8 million.

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