Hacked Crypto Platform Poly Network Asks Hackers To Return Stolen $ 600 Million

Hackers hacked into the Poly Network crypto platform, exploiting a vulnerability that allowed the largest theft in the history of cryptocurrencies in the amount of 600 million dollars. Poly made it possible to combine the work of several types of blockchains and was very popular among users.

Poly Network has already reported the attack on Twitter and published an open letter to the attackers, urging them to change their minds and contact the service representatives.

Dear hacker! We are the Poly Network team. We want to establish a connection with you and urge you to return the stolen assets. The amount of money you stole is the largest in the history of Decentralized Financial Services (DeFi). Law enforcement agencies of any country will view this as an economic crime on an especially large scale, and you will be persecuted. It is very unwise of you to carry out any further transactions. The money you stole belongs to tens of thousands of members of the crypto community, that is, people. You must talk to us to come up with a joint solution. Poly Network Team

As soon as the attackers stole the money, they started sending it to different cryptocurrency wallets. According to cybersecurity experts at SlowMist, $ 600 million was sent to three “addresses.” Poly Network has already called on cryptocurrency exchanges to “blacklist tokens” coming from addresses associated with hackers.

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