Growth in mini LED display shipments comes to a halt after

Growth in mini-LED display shipments comes to a halt after Apple switched to OLED panels

According to experts, the supply of mini LED panels will grow until 2024, but in 2025 growth will essentially stop, and a similar trend will continue in the future, according to South Korean portal The Elec, citing analysts from Display Supply Chain Consultant (DSCC) . The reason is the qualitative changes in the technologies used in Apple tablets and laptops.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

According to the publication, the company will use OLED panels instead of mini-LED in its new iPads and later in various MacBook models. Global mini LED panel shipments are expected to reach 24.47 million units this year and grow to 30.23 million units by 2024. From 2025 to 2027, however, annual delivery volumes will remain at around 30 million units.

At the same time, the use of mini-LEDs in televisions and monitors will increase, but will decrease in laptops. It is known that Apple started using this type of panel in the iPad and MacBook back in 2021, but the situation will change dramatically soon. From next year, the company expects to use OLED displays in its tablets and in 2025 in laptops. However, mini LED displays will continue to be widely adopted by Samsung and other manufacturers for their premium TV models, and experts predict this trend will continue into 2027.

Late last month, it was reported that global mini LED shipments increased by 1% in 2022, while the other panel segment saw a significant decline.


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