Grotto’s Fantasy Adventure Coming To PC Till End Of Month, Console Versions Delayed

Indie publishing and development studio Brainwash Gang (Nongünz) announced the exact release date for the PC version and the expansion of the target platform list for his fantasy adventure Grotto.

Image source: Digerati

Image source: Digerati

Recall that Grotto was presented in April and was scheduled to be released in the second half of this year on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS devices.

As it became known, Grotto will go on sale on October 20 this year for PC (Steam, GOG), while on consoles – including the new generation (PS5, Xbox Series X and S) – it will appear in early 2022.

Grotto offers to take on the role of a hermit diviner, whom the tribe of the inhabitants of the valley turns to in difficult times for the skill of the hero “Communicate with the stars and reveal the meaning of their messages”

Users will have to learn how to predict the future by drawing constellations, and communicate with the dead, get to know people from the tribe and help with solving their problems. V Steam a demo version of the game is still available.

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