Graphics card shortages have started to ease but prices are

Graphics card shortages have started to ease, but prices are still high

The situation with AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards seems to be improving. After several months of acute shortages, during which graphics were swept from storefronts, including virtual ones, in a matter of minutes, the latest AMD Radeon RX 6000 and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 series models still appeared in stores in significant quantities. Unfortunately, prices have not yet kept pace with this development.

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After the resource Tom’s hardwaregraphics cards began showing up by the hundreds at retailers in France, Germany and Portugal. The American retailer Newegg notes a similar scenario: graphics cards from different manufacturers are already in stock and no longer cause a stir. In general, experts note that the supply of computer components and consumer electronics is already 29% and 55% above pre-pandemic levels, respectively, and the real danger of consumer shortages has already passed.

The main reason for the change is considered to be the recent decline in cryptocurrency prices, and Ethereum in particular: according to some estimates, at established prices, even under optimal conditions, graphics cards will pay for themselves in at least 500 days. In addition, the Ethereum ecosystem continues to prepare for the transition to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) model, which does not require graphics cards. Unfortunately, this hasn’t impacted graphics card retail prices yet: AMD and NVIDIA are facing rising silicon wafer prices, and as each company in the supply chain tries to shift costs to the next link, retailers are raising prices for the retailers next .

However, this scenario also promises to be short-lived. Already this year, AMD and NVIDIA are announcing new families of graphics cards, which means that a wide range of consumers are less and less willing to buy graphics at a premium of more than 100%, and the few who were ready for such pricing policies were looking for the opportunity to buy graphics cards even in the most acute shortage phases. As a result, retailers will gradually begin to build up product stocks, which will lead to a balancing of supply and demand and thus normalization of prices.



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