Grandpa Google is how the person responsible for the search

“Grandpa Google” is how the person responsible for the search engine described what young people think about the service

Google has no guarantee of continued success, and its management fears that web search will become irrelevant to young Internet users. The company’s senior vice president, Prabhakar Raghavan, who is responsible for the search service, announced this at a court hearing in an antitrust case – American authorities accuse Google of monopolizing the web search market.

    Image source: Mitchell Luo /

Image source: Mitchell Luo /

In his statement, Raghavan downplayed Google’s dominance, describing the company as one surrounded by competitors on all sides. She received the derogatory nickname “Grandpa Google” among young people. “Grandpa Google knows the answers and will help you with your homework. But when it comes to interesting things, they prefer to start with something else.”explained the top manager.

Google’s lawyers showed him a 1998 Fortune magazine article that said: Yahoo! has won the search engine war and is poised for much greater success.. Raghavan, who once worked at Yahoo! worked, explained that Google now has to spend enormous amounts of money on research and development in order to always be one step ahead of the competition in technological developments.

The US Department of Justice is trying to convince the court that Google unfairly monopolized the search engine market, but according to the company’s vice president, not everything is so simple: it has to deal not only with traditional search services such as Microsoft Bing, but also specialized platforms, including Expedia and Yelp. “We feel like we’re competing with them every day.”Prabhakar Raghavan remarked.


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