Googles Switch to Android app makes it easy to transfer

Google’s Switch to Android app makes it easy to transfer content from iCloud to Google Photos

Google is working to simplify the process of migrating users from iPhone or iPad to Android OS. The Switch to Android app is said to be the “antipode” of the Move to iOS software offered by Apple on the Google Play marketplace. While iOS to Android migration is quite a time-consuming process.

Image source: Firmbee/

Image source: Firmbee/

The new Google tool was supposed to be released a year earlier, but its release was delayed. Judging by the latest data, for a “painless” transition from one operating system to another, it is proposed to use two programs at once, one on an Android model, the other on iOS. If earlier it was assumed that the transfer of contacts and even some applications would come, now there are indications that users can transfer photos from videos.

The 9to5Google portal team has decompiled the Data Transfer Tool app (updated to version 1.0.430697386) running on an Android device.

To transfer media content from iOS, you need to install Switch to Android application which suggests how to transfer all photos and videos from iCloud to Google Photos. In particular, the link in the application leads to support page Google Photos describing the transfer process from iCloud. At the same time, such a transfer is possible only in the USA, Great Britain, EU countries, Scandinavia and some English-speaking countries. After a request to transfer data from one account to another, you have to wait up to a week.

At the moment, the preferred option is to back up your files to Google Drive and then restore them to another device. A simpler and faster method would probably be a Wi-Fi connection, but judging by the data from the Data Transfer Tool, a direct wired connection with a Lightning to USB Type-C adapter is also possible. However, it is possible that such a simple transfer of data could be blocked by Apple’s security protocols.


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