Googles new tool allows users to remove information about themselves

Google’s new tool allows users to remove information about themselves from search results

Many users entered their name into the Google search bar and wanted to know what information was stored about them on the Internet. Now the tech giant has developed a tool that allows you to quickly and effectively remove personal information from search results.

    Image source: Google

Image source: Google

Soon it will be possible to easily control the presence of personal information in Google searches – this may give some peace of mind to those who are afraid that their contacts and addresses will be publicly available.

The company recently updated its policy so people can now request the removal of important personal information from search results, including contact information like phone numbers, email addresses, or home addresses.

Now the task will be as simple as possible. When a user finds resources containing personally identifiable information in Google results, they can quickly request removal from search and track the status of such requests with just a few clicks. The feature will be available in the Google app for smartphones in the coming months, and until then a request to delete information can be made from the support page.

Google promises to investigate whether asking for information to be removed violates users’ rights to access other publicly useful data, such as news. In addition, deleting information from Google does not mean that it will disappear from the web entirely – it can be easily detected by other search engines. Therefore, if possible, contact the owners of the site themselves if they are willing to cooperate.

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