Googles generative AI will transform McDonalds service

Google’s generative AI will transform McDonald’s service

McDonald’s announced a partnership with Google to implement generative AI starting in 2024. The move, aimed at modernizing the company’s technology, promises to radically transform the chain’s operations, offering customers better service and fresher food.

    Image source: Waid1995 / Pixabay

Image source: Waid1995 / Pixabay

Starting in 2024, McDonald’s will begin a large-scale modernization of its restaurants, including installing new equipment and software and using cloud services Google Cloud. These changes will affect thousands of facilities around the world. The main goal is to use generative AI to analyze massive amounts of data. This streamlines workflows and improves service quality, including serving hotter and fresher food.

Although McDonald’s has not yet revealed details about the specifics of the use of AI, the company mentions in its statement that new technologies will help managers quickly identify and solve problems in the chain’s business processes, as well as simplify the work of restaurant staff and to create new opportunities for customers. Wendy’s, which also uses Google Cloud AI, takes a similar approach. It is already testing an AI system for order acceptance. These changes may indicate widespread adoption of automation in the hospitality industry.

In addition to these innovations, McDonald’s is also implementing a new operating system that synchronizes the mobile app and self-ordering kiosks. The aim of this update is to create a consistent and intuitive user experience. The company believes this approach will simplify the ordering process for customers and enable more accurate testing and development of automated solutions to improve restaurant operations.

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