Google will use AI to serve ads and support content

Google will use AI to serve ads and support content creators on YouTube

In addition to other tools related to the use of artificial intelligence, Google has prepared a number of solutions for the advertising business. According to the company’s internal documents leaked to the media, solutions based on large language models will help automate the process of creating ads and will be used in other services of the IT giant.

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Last week, Google unveiled its latest language model, PaLM 2, and now company leaders intend to use it to help advertisers create their own content, and YouTube content creators could get advice on what type of videos to create. Google is also testing the use of PaLM 2 to generate youth content on YouTube, specifically for creating titles and descriptions. In addition, experiments are underway, during which the AI ​​​​offers relevant ideas to the authors of this or that content.

Google and its competitors like meta* and Amazon want to integrate artificial intelligence into further solutions. This is largely due to the appearance of OpenAI’s ChatGPT bot, which quickly went viral in the media space. It is noteworthy that in recent years against the background of global economic problems, advertisers are cutting their advertising budgets, which can only harm Google search advertising.

According to the filings, the company also plans to use AI to increase customer spending to boost Google’s revenue and margins itself. In addition, artificial intelligence can be tasked with assisting users across various services, including Google Play, search, and Gmail. In addition, based on the results of a dialogue with the user, AI systems can provide advice and help in choosing an advertising tariff. Additionally, Google is working on its own tool, similar to Stable Diffusion, that will allow you to generate images based on text descriptions.

On May 23rd, Google will present new advertising solutions at the Marketing Live event. While there is no reliable data on what exactly the company intends to demonstrate, there is no doubt that the use of artificial intelligence systems in advertising will be the central theme of the event.

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