Google will stop releasing Pixelbook Chromebooks

Google will stop releasing Pixelbook Chromebooks

Google has canceled the release of its next-gen Pixelbook laptop with ChromeOS, even though the device was in the final stages of development and should be out next year, according to an informed source at The Verge. The laptop development team was also dissolved, indicating a complete rejection by the company from that direction.

    Acer Chromebook C720

Acer Chromebook C720

As informed In connection with the implementation of measures to reduce internal costs, the company The Verge abandoned further work on this project, although a few months ago Google had plans to continue working on the Pixelbook family. Ahead of Google’s annual I/O developer conference, Rick Osterloh, Google’s senior vice president of devices and services, told The Verge that the company plans to launch a Pixelbook in the future. It should be noted that members of the Chromebook development team have been transferred to other departments within Google.

Google’s hardware strategy is to create innovative products, demonstrate their capabilities to other manufacturers and set an example of quality. The company launched Pixel smartphones to show what an Android mobile device can be. With the same goal, the company is again engaged in the production of smartwatches Pixel Watch, as well as the development of an Android tablet, which will appear next year.

Pixelbook laptops were originally a niche product due to their high price. Chromebooks with comparable specs are a lot cheaper than the same Pixelbook Go.

As the pandemic spread, Chromebooks began to soar in popularity. They are particularly successful in the education sector. Chromebooks are made by a number of companies including Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, HP and Samsung. And now Google is focusing on what it thinks the Android ecosystem needs: smartwatches and tablets.


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