Google will simplify working with the Play marketplace for tablet

Google will simplify working with the Play marketplace for tablet users

Although, by historical standards, Android smartphones and tablets appeared on sale almost simultaneously, the Google Play marketplace still lacks a convenient interface for devices with large screens. However, the company recently took a number of measures to remedy the situation.

Image source: kaboompics/

Image source: kaboompics/

Judging by the data published in the Android Developers Blog on the Google platform, the company will simplify both the operation of tablets and the work of developers of software optimized for them.

It is known that the company recently launched a special version of the Android 12L operating system, and Google spokesman Rich Miner, nicknamed “Android Tablet CTO”, said that “in the not too distant future” tablets will be sold more actively than laptops. .

On the Android Developers Blog, Google announced three major changes:

  • Google Play rankings for tablet users take into account the suitability of applications for devices with large displays such as tablets and foldable smartphones. In other words, when searching from a tablet, priority is given to software that supports not only “portrait” orientation, but also “landscape” orientation, integration with external keyboards and pens – new measures are also being developed outside the search area, for example applied , in the “Home” section of the marketplace ;
  • Warnings: If a tablet user tries to install an app that doesn’t meet the basic compatibility requirements, they will receive a pop-up notification.
  • different ratings for different device types for the same apps. A similar measure was announced by Google last year: if a user uses a smartphone, he will see some reviews and ratings, a tablet – others. We are talking about operating system options such as Chrome OS or Android Auto, for example.

Image source: Android Developers Blog

Image source: Android Developers Blog

In addition, the company offers a range of developer tools to optimize its software for devices with large displays. Although there is no reliable data on when innovations will be introduced, it is expected that this will happen in the coming months.


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