Google will rename the AI ​​bot Bard Gemini and release

Google will rename the AI ​​bot Bard Gemini and release a separate application for Android

Big changes are coming to Google’s AI bot Bard in the next few days. Changelog data suggests that the developers intend to rename the chatbot Gemini, and also release a separate Android application that allows interaction with the neural network.

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Over the past few months, Google has been actively developing its AI bot. One of the important changes occurred late last year, when the large Gemini language model became the basis of Bard. Not long ago, the algorithm was able to generate images based on text descriptions. However, the developers do not intend to stop there, and Bard will soon see new changes. According to the source, next week Bard will be officially renamed Gemini. This step seems quite logical, since recently it is the advanced language model of Gemini Pro that is the basis of the Google chatbot.

Changelog data indicates that an advanced version of the Gemini Advanced AI bot will be available starting February 7th. Gemini Advanced is based on the advanced Gemini Ultra language model, and to interact with this version of the AI ​​bot you will have to sign up for a paid subscription. In the changelog, Google explicitly states that this is a paid product, and it will evolve by integrating additional features that will not be available in the basic version of the algorithm.

In addition to this, Google will release a separate Android app called Gemini, which you can use to interact with the bot on mobile devices. Although the AI ​​bot is already integrated into various Google apps such as Gmail and YouTube, all of Gemini’s capabilities will be revealed in a separate application. iOS device users who want to interact with the Gemini AI bot will be able to do so through the Google app.


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