Google will pay 350 million in a lawsuit over vulnerabilities

Google will pay $350 million in a lawsuit over vulnerabilities in the long-closed social network Google+

It seems that the consideration of a class action lawsuit related to the vulnerability of the social network Google+, which closed in 2019, is coming to an end. The company agreed to pay $350 million to settle a lawsuit alleging that a Google+ vulnerability allowed third parties to access the personal data of about 500,000 platform users.

  Image source: mohamed Hassan /

Image source: mohamed Hassan /

This week, the parties were able to reach a preliminary agreement, which was sent to federal court in San Francisco, where it must be approved by District Judge Trina Thompson. If this happens, the consideration of the lawsuit filed in 2018 will finally end.

Let us recall that as part of the aforementioned lawsuit, Google shareholders accused the company of hiding details regarding an error in the Google+ platform API. The plaintiffs alleged that due to this error, 438 third-party applications had access to user data, including their mailbox addresses, data about their age, etc. According to the plaintiffs, the problem affected about 500 thousand Google+ users, although no data leak was recorded . Google later fixed the vulnerability without making it public. However, information about the problem was leaked to the press, after which the company’s shareholders filed a lawsuit against Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

While agreeing to settle the dispute, Google never admitted wrongdoing or found evidence of misuse of Google+ user data. “We regularly identify and resolve software bugs, disclose them, and take these issues seriously. This issue concerns a product that no longer exists and we are glad it has been resolved.”“said a Google representative.


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