Google will make ads more private on Android but will

Google will make ads more private on Android, but will have to wait two years

Google is planning major changes to its online advertising system to increase its platform’s privacy for Android users, but the current system will remain unchanged for the next two years.

Image source: Fotomix /

Image source: Fotomix /

As Google itself said, the Android mobile operating system is facing serious privacy policy changes similar to those implemented by Apple last year, causing serious damage to the entire mobile advertising market: as a result, the market capitalization of meta-platforms dropped by US$300 billion -Dollar Android changes won’t happen anytime soon – the company will maintain support for existing alphanumeric smartphone identifiers for another two years and will notify advertisers ahead of any upcoming adjustment. In the future, identifiers will be replaced by a few other tools, but the company hasn’t given any details yet.

It’s possible that Google itself hasn’t made a final decision yet. In 2020, the company wanted to implement a similar reform and get rid of web user identification through cookies, but public dissatisfaction forced it to change its plans. Therefore, the development of new technologies for users of mobile devices is carried out in close cooperation with industry representatives. As an example, a Google representative cited one of the proposed solutions, according to which the analysis of the activity of the owner of an Android smartphone can be done locally: the device determines the user’s interests based on how he uses applications , and the result is presented in a ready-made form without any Signs of personal data transferred to the analytical platform server.

Google’s decision could have serious consequences worldwide: the iPhone’s share of the US market is about 50%, but worldwide the share of smartphones with Google Android is 85%. For example, for the same meta, such changes can significantly exacerbate financial problems: not so long ago, the company announced that it could lose up to $10 billion in advertising revenue for the whole of 2022 just because of Apple’s actions.



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