Google will improve Chromes address bar it will try

Google will improve Chrome’s address bar – it will try to guess what the user actually wanted

Google has created a few Changes into the work of the Omnibox – a field in the Chrome browser that combines the functions of the address and search bar. These changes may seem insignificant, but in reality they will make browsing the Internet much easier without forcing Google to process unnecessary searches. And all of this has objective reasons.

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Mobile and desktop versions of Google Chrome now attempt to correct user typos when entering a URL. Omnibox now not only guesses which page the user wants to visit based on attempts to enter an address, but also predicts their desires based on keywords. At the same time, options from bookmarks and downloaded files are selected.

Not only has the Chrome browser become more personalized, it also allows you to navigate directly to websites, bypassing the Google search service. And at first glance, this contradicts the goals of the company itself. One of the pillars of the search business is navigation search: a large percentage of users end up on Facebook, by typing this word into the Google search bar; Also “popular” with people are typos, which also generate various search queries. It used to be profitable for Google to bring all of these users to its web search page – now their questions are answered directly in Chrome.

Firstly, the company is now a defendant in an antitrust case – it is accused of having abused its dominant position in the search engine market. Secondly, Google is actively introducing generative artificial intelligence algorithms into the search service, and processing each request for it is becoming more expensive than before, since large language models have to be queried in a resource-hungry manner. Since navigational search and typos don’t drive ad revenue growth, it makes sense to consider the needs of these users at the Chrome level.


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