Google will continue to work with cookies under pressure from UK regulators

Google has promised to introduce additional restrictions on the use of data in its Chrome browser, but they will not affect cookies yet. The company went to this in order to remove the claims of the British antitrust regulator, which is wary of banning the use of third-party cookies – with their help advertisers track consumers.

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The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is examining Google’s plan to limit support for certain cookies in Chrome. The company calls the initiative the Privacy Sandbox, but the agency fears it will hinder competition in the digital ad market. Google recalled that users want more privacy when surfing the web, this concerns the ban on tracking on different sites. However, other players in the $ 250 billion online advertising industry believe that losing control of cookies in the world’s most popular browser will limit their ability to collect information to personalize ads and increase their reliance on Google’s own resources.

The company agreed not to implement the plan without the approval of the CMA and said that the changes agreed with the UK regulator will apply worldwide. The CMA said today that Google has addressed some of its remaining issues, including its commitment to restrict access to IP addresses and specifying restrictions on data that can be used for advertising purposes. The next round of CMA consultations on the new commitments will take place before December 17th.


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