Google wants to make ads more transparent to comply with

Google wants to make ads more transparent to comply with EU regulations

Google will make targeted advertising more transparent and provide researchers with more data to comply with the Digital Services Act (DSA), which applies across the European Union. The corresponding message was published corporate blog.

    Image Source: Simon / Pixabay

Image Source: Simon / Pixabay

Regarding ad transparency, Google announced “Renewal” its Advertising Transparency Center “Refer to the specific DSA terms and provide additional targeting information for ads in the European Union.”. Google launched the Ad Transparency Center earlier this year. It allows you to find out in detail about the company’s rules regarding advertising and content of this type displayed on the IT giant’s platforms.

In addition to this google “will improve access to data for researchers”which “They want to learn more about how Google Search, YouTube, Google Maps, Play Store and Shopping work in practice and conduct research to understand systemic content risk in the EU.”. The company will expand transparency in a few other areas as well, by launching another transparency center that will allow you to read Google’s policies, provide information about content moderation, and more.

Google is one of many tech companies that have had to change their policies to comply with European legislation that, among other things, requires companies to take greater responsibility for the content published on their platforms. For example, users of the short video service TikTok in Europe can refrain from using personalized algorithms with which videos are assigned to their interests.

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