Google TV will finally be able to create multiple user profiles

When launching a number of smart TV apps such as Netflix, the user is first taken to the user select screen. This is a pretty handy feature that allows you to access personalized content, for example, to each family member. Google announced that a similar feature will appear in the Google TV shell next month.

Google said last year that supporting multiple user profiles is one of the main features it is working on. Then the company did not say when it would be ready. However, in March of this year, Google began to implement a child profile, which allows you to protect the youngest users from “adult” content.

According to The Verge, support for multiple custom Google TV profiles will become available next month. The first to receive it will be Chromecast users from Google TV, as well as TCL and Sony TVs based on Google TV. Custom profiles let you personalize your recommendations, app list, and even Google Assistant. Unfortunately, there is no mention of a similar feature for Android TV yet.

In addition to personalized profiles, Google will also roll out the Glanceable Cards feature, which will display small information cards when the TV is in standby mode. Users will see information such as news and weather, in addition to shortcuts to photos and podcasts.

Sources also mention that a new mobile app for managing devices with Google TV, which was announced last month for Android smartphones, will soon be added to the Google Home app for Android and iOS.

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