Google turns Space Invaders Arcade Classic into an augmented reality

Google turns Space Invaders Arcade Classic into an augmented reality game – Space Invaders: World Defense trailer and details

Google, including at the opening of the Google I/O developer conference, introduced also a new game using augmented reality technology – Space Invaders: World Defense.

    Image source: Google

Image source: Google

For the last 45 years, space invaders have tried to enslave the world and this time they have returned from another dimension. In Space Invaders: World Defense, players must again defend their home planet.

As one of Earth’s best pilots, players will use their spaceship’s advanced technology and expert abilities to travel between dimensions and protect the planet: “The future of the earth is in your hands”.

Space Invaders: World Defense “turn your city into a virtual playground” and will offer “Custom gameplay based on your location, nearby points of interest, time and weather”.

Space Invaders: World Defense is based on the augmented reality platform ARCore and the tool presented at Google I/O Geospatial Creator (for linking content to coordinates on the world map).

    Image source: Taito

Image source: Taito

How exactly Space Invaders: World Defense will be played is not entirely clear from the announcement trailer. On the screenshot of official site The spaceship faces the invaders in a kind of virtual trench and not against the background of a real place.

Space Invaders: World Defense is developed by Google and Japanese studio Taito, who published the original Space Invaders back in 1978. Release is expected for next summer.

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