Google Translate taught to save the translation history in the

Google Translate taught to save the translation history in the user account

Back in 2020, Google representatives announced the feature of saving the history of translations for their Google Translate service. It seems that this innovation will finally be available to a wide range of users soon.

    Image source: Android Police

Image source: Android Police

Some Google Translate users have noticed that when launching the application, a message appears asking them to backup their translation history. At the same time, the user can refuse to create a backup copy if it is not necessary and continue to use the service in normal mode.

There is a new “History” section in the Google Translate app settings to view translations in chronological order. In addition, individual translations can be moved to the favorites list for quick access later. Syncing with cloud storage is supported, which can be used to store a backup copy with the history of transfers.

“You can save your history in Google Translate to find the meaning of the words and phrases you have translated. The translations you save are synced between your devices. The Translator app syncs history from your device to the cloud <…> You can manage your saved history in the My Activity sectionsays in a message on the Google support page.

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