Google to unveil multiple service subscriptions, extended warranty, and annual smartphone replacement with Pixel 6

Google is preparing a new subscription service package called Pixel Pass, which will include an extended warranty and premium access to several of the company’s services. This became known thanks to the blogger Brandon Lee, who published Leaked image describing the upcoming package, which will be offered through Google Fi and the Google Store along with the purchase of Pixel devices.

The Pixel Pass appears to be a kind of counterpart to the Apple iPhone Upgrade and Apple One programs. As with the former, Pixel Pass will allow for annual smartphone updates and extended warranty, as well as providing a subscription service package like the Apple One. Google’s new program could be positioned as a way to make all of these services easier to access. Also, Pixel Pass is likely to be more profitable compared to paying for all services separately. However, it is not yet known what the cost of this package will be.

According to the docs, Pixel Pass can bundle up to four subscriptions: YouTube Premium or YouTube Music, Google One, Play Pass, and Google Fi. These services cover video and music streaming, cloud storage, app subscriptions, and mobile network coverage. However, there is no mention of Google Stadia’s cloud gaming streaming service.

According to the leak, the extended warranty for the smartphone will operate similarly to the existing Google Preferred Care or Device Protection services, which provide protection against accidental and mechanical damage. Preferred Care is currently only available in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, while Device Protection is only offered with Google Fi in the US. That is, Pixel Pass may only be available in North America.

The leaked information does not mention which Pixel phones the new offering will be offered with. But with the Pixel 6 unveiling on October 19, it’s possible that the Pixel Pass will be unveiled as an add-on to the new flagship smartphone.


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