Google tests “smart” grouping of visited pages by topic in Chrome

Google Chrome developers are experimenting with new features to help users explore topics of interest by comparing their open page to other search results. The Journeys feature provides additional ways to track your subject.



The new feature automatically matches pages and information related to the same topic, so users do not have to browse history themselves or create new folders with all these pages in bookmarks. In addition, Chrome shows additional search hints, which also makes it easier to learn the topic.

Pages are grouped by topic locally, and the results are not synced to your Google account, which means that these groups cannot be accessed across devices. But it is possible that such an opportunity will appear in the future. The new feature is currently only available in a preview build of Chrome Canary. You can find travel experiences of the topics you study on the browsing history page (you can also type chrome: // history / journeys in the address bar).

Another companion feature is the search sidebar. Having opened the page following the link in the search results, the user will see an icon in the form of the letter “G” next to the address bar. Clicking on this icon in the sidebar will open other search results. This will allow you to compare the open page with other search results without having to repeatedly open adjacent tabs and move between them.

This feature is currently being tested on the Chrome OS Dev channel. If the tool is released to a wider audience in the future, the sidebar will become available on more platforms and support for other search engines will be added.


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