Google teamed up with Cisco to make video conferencing easier

As video conferencing continues to be a popular tool in the corporate sector, competing services Google Meet and Cisco WebEx decided to merge to simplify the sign-in process. Thus, users can now join meetings in Meet on Cisco devices and vice versa, join WebEx conferences on Google devices.

Image: Chris Ratcliffe / Bloomberg

Image: Chris Ratcliffe / Bloomberg

It is expected that this approach will make it easier to interact with video conferencing in companies that use multiple platforms or in cases where there is a transition from one service to another. The agreement also marks the beginning of a collaboration in the video conferencing market, where software vendors have been competing fiercely for the past 18 months to grow their own corporate customer base. Perhaps collaborating will help companies achieve what they want, as many businesses are delaying returning employees to their offices, which means Meet and WebEx will continue to be popular.

According to reports, Google intends to try to enter into partnerships with other major video conferencing companies to make it easier for users to connect to virtual meetings from different types of devices. Note that although WebEx is one of the market leaders, Cisco was unable to do anything with the Zoom service, which over the past year and a half has turned from a promising startup into one of the largest video communication services. Google has its own challenges as well, as Meet has failed to capture significant market share despite the popularity of Gmail and the company’s other services.

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