Google shows different perspectives in response to requests in the

Google shows different perspectives in response to requests in the Perspectives section – but only from trusted sources

Google intends to add a new carousel to its search service, thanks to which users will be able to see different perspectives on their searches. The new perspective block presents the opinions of journalists, experts and other relevant opinion leaders. However, opinions from “unreliable” sources will not be considered.

    Image source: Lucian Novosel/

Image source: Lucian Novosel/

On its blog, the company shared a GIF animation that allows you to evaluate the block’s appearance and functionality. It presents statements and materials on this year’s Oscars. The carousel included tweets from Mark Hamill and Jamie Lee Curtis, along with some notes.

Although the innovation looks interesting and even useful at first glance, the media already fear that too different perspectives and misinformation are pouring into the topic. Therefore, Google quickly announced that the company “strives to provide authoritative and reliable information”.

In particular, according to Google, the company’s systems automatically identify relevant opinions on different platforms, after which a series of “signals” are evaluated to determine the usefulness of the result: relevance, popularity, language of the material , its freshness, experience and reliability of the source.


Google stressed that, as with Search and News in general, the system is designed to provide quality and reliable information. “When we determine that content may violate our policy, we review it and remove it from search if appropriate.”, says Google. In other words, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to see genuinely different opinions in Perspectives.

The company promises to bring Perspective to mobile search and desktop soon, along with other features. So, if you click the About This Result three-dot menu already available next to each search result, you can also open the About This Author section. The About this result section itself will be available “in all searchable languages”.

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