Google search lost 1 of its users after the advent

Google search lost 1% of its users after the advent of AI in Microsoft Bing

The integration of OpenAI AI technologies into Microsoft’s Bing search engine has forced people to take a fresh look at a service that wasn’t in high demand. The collaboration between the two companies will help the software giant compete more effectively with Google, the recognized leader in search solutions. According to the analysis agency Similarweb, the Bing system has recently been gaining more and more users.

    Image source: Jud Macrill/

Image source: Jud Macrill/

Bing’s audience has grown by 15.8% since the AI-integrated version of the search engine premiered on February 7. For comparison: the number of hits from the Google search engine fell by around 1% over the same period. This is the first sign that Microsoft is beginning to take the lead in a highly dynamic race for dominance in the generative AI market. The company got this opportunity thanks to the use of technology behind the hugely popular chatbot ChatGPT.

Experts point to Microsoft’s unique opportunity to lead the $120 billion search market, which Google has dominated for decades with over 80% market share. According to DA spokesman Davidson & Co, Bing will capture an increasing share of the search market in the coming months, especially if Google continues to delay integrating generative AI into its products.

The new Bing has been available to most users worldwide since February, and Google has just started taking the first steps towards bringing its Bard chatbot to a wide audience. Bing has less than 10% market share in the search market, so even an extra percentage point or two would mean a significant profit increase for the company in this space.

According to Reuters, install statistics for the Microsoft Bing mobile app have skyrocketed worldwide following the integration of AI, according to data from During the same period, the number of downloads of the Google search client fell by two percent.

Still, many analysts are confident that Google, which ousted Yahoo from the pedestal of leader in search services in the early 2000s, can handle the emerging trend and maintain its leading position. Experts reminded that Google’s effective ranking algorithm gives the company an important advantage over its competitors. It was he who once helped take over Yahoo Search.

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