Google search broke last night

Google search broke last night

Tonight, Google search results may not look entirely correct for some users: in fact, the list of active links was missing. When searching, all you saw was the Top Stories window and the About box on the side, but there just wasn’t a list of links.

    Image Source: The Edge

Image Source: The Edge

There were about 20,000 on Downdetector Messages about problems with search results, and many people have posted on their Twitter pages about the problems Google is seeing.

Google responded quickly and fixed the problem. Press secretary Lara Levin said: “There was a small issue affecting the availability of results for some searches restricted to the Americas region, which was quickly fixed“.

According to The Verge journalist Jay Peters, this situation is significant because it “showed how much I rely on Google search to navigate the web. It also highlighted how much junk can sneak into search results.“.


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