Google search begins to show the origin and evolution of

Google search begins to show the origin and evolution of images

Google has started implementing it new function Search engine – the “About this image” block appeared with background information and context. The company announced the feature in May and has now made it available to English-speaking users around the world. You can open a block by selecting the corresponding drop-down menu item in the image search results.

    Image source:

Image source:

The About This Image block is intended to show the user the origin of the image, including metadata if available, as well as the context of how the image has been described by news and fact-checking sites over time. You can see when the image was first indexed by Google and use the metadata to find out whether it was created by artificial intelligence.

The feature will also appear in Google software: in the Chrome browser it can be used by right-clicking or long-pressing on an image, and in the Google search application by swiping up. These features are currently being developed and tested and will be publicly available in the coming months, the company said.

Google has also expanded the Fact Check Explorer feature it introduced in beta last summer, adding the ability to check facts by uploading an image or searching for it via URL. Testing is still ongoing, but Google has already prepared API tools that will help automate the work of fact-checking. Finally, the company announced that it has started placing more information about data sources in the “About this result” block when working in SGE (Search Generative Experience) mode, a search using generative AI.


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