Google said in court that people are not stupid and choose its search engine because it is the best

Last week, a hearing was held in the European Court of General Jurisdiction in Luxembourg over Google’s appeal of the € 4.34 billion fine imposed by the European Commission in 2018 in connection with Google’s use of its leading position in the mobile systems market since 2011 to suppress competitors.

REUTERS / Annegret Hilse

REUTERS / Annegret Hilse

According to the European Commission, Google has used the Android platform to strengthen its dominance in Internet search. The company required mobile phone manufacturers to ship Android devices with pre-installed Google search and Chrome browser along with the Google Play store, and also blocked the use of certain Android variants created by third-party developers.

During the hearing, Google tried to substantiate the groundlessness of the European Commission’s decision on the fine. “The reason billions of people choose Google as their search engine every day is not because of abuse of dominance. This is because he is the best “, – said last Friday the lawyer of the company Meredith Pickford (Meredith Pickford).

Pickford noted that deals with phone makers were more about keeping Google competitive. “Consumers are by no means stupid. If Bing or another search engine were better than Google, people would turn to it, ” She said, referring to the search engine of rival Google, Microsoft.

In turn, the European Commission lawyer Nicholas Hahn called on the judges to support the decision of the European Commission to impose a fine on the American technology giant. “Google gives itself a laurel wreath before the race starts“Khan said, adding that the scale of Google’s use of this practice fully justifies the fine imposed.

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